jueves, 29 de abril de 2010


1. Getting notified for things you commented on or was tagged on years ago.
2.Old people who dont know you and add you, and send a message Hey! i'd like to meet you
3. People who become fans of millions of pages
4. Having the thing before on your history aaall the time
5. The kiss application
6. All aplications like What's your color? When are you going to die?
7. Your zodiac sign application
8. INbox threads, you erase them but people keep commenting and you keep getting them!
9. Invites to groups, and events
10. Page suggestions
11. Friend suggestions
12.That your friends get to know every detail of your life
13. Pokes!
15. That it's constantly changing like the home page etc.
16. People who update their status all the time
17. People who put things in their status telling everyone exactly what they are doing... Gym 6 am, then breakfast, beach 10 am... WE don't care!
18. Facechat
19. When people put in their relationship "it's complicated"
20. When you get notified for friends who added their mobile phone.
21. Fortune cookie.
22. Hotel city,restuarant city etc

Things i LOVE about facebook
1.You can stalk everyone
2. You can stay connected with everyone and people who dont live in the same city
3.Sharing photos
4.Sharing videos
5. Posting links
6.Relationship status that are true
7. THat you can tag friends in status
8. Comment on peoples photos
9. When people comment on your wall
10. That you can comment on someones wall if you just want to remind them of something
11. When you receive an inbox with gossip or something you want to know.
12. You can search for anyone you want in the world.
13. Seeing old comments from your friends and laugh or remember
14. You can be updated of everything that´s going on when you are on vacation.
15. you can find out who´s friends with who
16.you can select which friends can see what in your profile.
17. You can send and post bumper stickers in your profile.
18. The chuck norris application(which i think doesn´t exist anymore :(
19. Now you can write on someones wall and tagg people on the post.
20. The game waka waka

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

earth day

In my opinion the most serious problem facing the Earth today is water pollution. Water is esencial in human life, without it we couldn´t survive. We need it not only to drink but for things we might not even know we do. It´s a non renewable resource, and drinkable water only constitues like 1% of all of the worlds water. Now imagine that that 1% is being polluted, if we don´t act now it will be too late.

It is also used for agriculture, to water the fields. Thousand if not millions of gallons of water are used to water the plants, which we also need for food etc,it´s a cycle that can´t be broken. If the water is polluted of course you can´t use it to water plants in irrigation systems, and the thing is that it costs a lot of money to make the ocean water have no salt so it can be used.

Another problem of polluted water is that, if it´s polluted in the ocean it kills hundreds of animals, from fish to whales to sea guls so it affects a whole ecosystem.
It also affects the lifes of people like the ones in the picture who live in places in the water. The conditions are terrible they not only have lack of fresh water but they live in contaminated waters which also brings diseases and can also kill people.

Water is not only polluted but also wasted in enormous amounts people (all of us) don´t see further than what we want to see. we don´t care what will happen in ten, twenty or thirty years. The fact is that we are running out of water because it´s wasted, because we need it to drink, to water fields, to live.

If we don´t do something soon water will eventually run out. When we see documentaries or we hear something about it, scientists are not exaggerating. Ships, factories and other things and businnesses that pollute water should be severly punished. But eventhough we hear it all the time it´s the truth. The change starts with us and we must do something now.

miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

Mastercard- Andrea Palazuelos from markpicketts on Vimeo.

I really liked the project of Ariadne because eventhough it´s a recopilation of other videos it is very well done, the videos are good and it seems like she took the time to do it. Marifer´s is also very good and i think it was one of the most original. I also liked Melida´s because the subject was also more original and i liked the commercial at the end. Lea´s could´ve been improved because it´s hard to understand what she says, also Eric´s is good but i would´ve liked to see less photos and more of the video. If i could re-do my video i would´ve edited the first part where Dani was supposedly painting Vicky´s shirt, also I would have recorded it better the last part in the cafeteria, where it was upside down. I would have also liked to put more and better effects to make it more professional and probably a different subject because many people did MasterCard commercials.

jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

  • paragraph 1 - your reaction to this new emerging technology, what were you thinking wow watching the video. would you want one of these? why or why not?
  • paragraph 2 - what you feel are the greatest things about the technology (and what are its greatest limitations)
  • paragraph 3 - at the end he says that it is quite cheap to make and that he will be sharing his software - Open Source. In your own words what does open source mean? What have you used that is "Open Source", what do you think are the pros and cons of sharing software in this way
I think this is the most AMAZING piece of technology and video i've ever seen. I was shocked while i was watching it. I would want one of this because you can do anything you can imagine, from watching movies,playing games,taking pictures, use it as a phone, use it as a watch, as a map. I really can't get into my head how he did this so easily. This guy is a genius and he will also probably will be a millionaire.
The greatest things are everything as i said before from taking a picture to watching the forecast on a map in the newspaper. Everything is available to you this way but maybe that could also be something that could not be very good. The idea is not to make us slaves to our computer but we would kind of be slaves to this and maybe not know how to do things ourselves.
Open source is that he will make it available to some students at his university. I dont know if i ever used something that is open source and its great that we use software this way i really can only think of good things about it but as i said before it could make us slaves to it.

martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

commercials part 2

In my commercial i plan to use funny elements but also give it some kind of message to enjoy 12th grade since im going to make it like a Mastercard video about school and 12th grade. Im going to use Photoshop as well as Macromedia, there is were i think im going to have some trouble since im not very good at either of them and everyone will be doing something different so i think its going to be difficult for the Mr. Picketts to help us.
I like some of the videos and love others.The two Dove ones are my favorite because they have a good message and the commercials themselves made an impact on me. I had seen them before on an e mail a long time ago. The Mercedez one was pretty good too because it was very funny.I can think of other commercials that are very funny from Mastercard. There is a commercial that had an effect on me about teenage "afluenza" how teenagers complain about what they have if it's not good enough and what they don't have( I include me) when there are people starving in other countries. It's a commercial to help the people and children in Africa. The commercial uses satire to critisize the teenagers and its has a good message.

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

The article is about an 18- year old girl who commited suicide after being on a sexting "scandal" going around her school and other schools.She sent a nude picture of herself to her boyfriend and when he broke up with her he sent it to friends and their friends to friends. She told the school to do something about it becuase she was being bullied and harassed; they asked the kids to delete the picture and they say that's the only thing they could do. She went on a local TV show to talk about the dangers of sexting and two months after she commited suicide.But now the parents are suing the school because they claim that they didn't do enough and take harder measures.

The school or jury says (i dont know who)that because she was 18 that there were no laws to protect her. I take the school's side, they should've had taken more measures like maybe a suspension to the boyfriend and people who started sending it but they are not responsible of her suicide. Obviously the sexting thing affected this girl a lot but i also think that it wasn't a reason to commit suicide, she had already graduated and it wasn't the end of the world she could've changed school or anything else before killing herself. The school couldn't do much. Also the parents should have paid more attention to her it's clear that they would've noticed that she was so depressed or at the point of having suicidal thoughts they could've spoken to her and if they already knew that the problem had already been taken out of hand they could have eeven moved to another city. It's more their responsability than the school's.