jueves, 29 de abril de 2010


1. Getting notified for things you commented on or was tagged on years ago.
2.Old people who dont know you and add you, and send a message Hey! i'd like to meet you
3. People who become fans of millions of pages
4. Having the thing before on your history aaall the time
5. The kiss application
6. All aplications like What's your color? When are you going to die?
7. Your zodiac sign application
8. INbox threads, you erase them but people keep commenting and you keep getting them!
9. Invites to groups, and events
10. Page suggestions
11. Friend suggestions
12.That your friends get to know every detail of your life
13. Pokes!
15. That it's constantly changing like the home page etc.
16. People who update their status all the time
17. People who put things in their status telling everyone exactly what they are doing... Gym 6 am, then breakfast, beach 10 am... WE don't care!
18. Facechat
19. When people put in their relationship "it's complicated"
20. When you get notified for friends who added their mobile phone.
21. Fortune cookie.
22. Hotel city,restuarant city etc

Things i LOVE about facebook
1.You can stalk everyone
2. You can stay connected with everyone and people who dont live in the same city
3.Sharing photos
4.Sharing videos
5. Posting links
6.Relationship status that are true
7. THat you can tag friends in status
8. Comment on peoples photos
9. When people comment on your wall
10. That you can comment on someones wall if you just want to remind them of something
11. When you receive an inbox with gossip or something you want to know.
12. You can search for anyone you want in the world.
13. Seeing old comments from your friends and laugh or remember
14. You can be updated of everything that´s going on when you are on vacation.
15. you can find out who´s friends with who
16.you can select which friends can see what in your profile.
17. You can send and post bumper stickers in your profile.
18. The chuck norris application(which i think doesn´t exist anymore :(
19. Now you can write on someones wall and tagg people on the post.
20. The game waka waka

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